About Us

“Lettuce” Discuss our Blog…

This Blog is going to be one of Health and Help!

We will be posting certain health related  topics, recipes, supplements and techniques and will also take requests.

Between Hema and myself Mako, we have a wealth of research and knowledge, which has been tried and tested on ourselves. We are constantly researching new ideas and looking to old and ancient remedies, to heal, cure or support our bodies.

We will post items that can help with all kinds of complaints from allergies to thyroid problems, from a sore throat to Diabetes.

We are not doctors but we have had great success in healing ourselves, becoming healthy and well through diet, supplements, great recipes, and a positive mind.

Hema Has managed and successfully removed goiters from her throat after being diagnosed with thyroid problems. Something doctors said was impossible. Using herbal remedies, dietary, and supplemental support.

I Mako have treated and gotten rid of a severe tremor.

We both believe that there is nothing impossible as the word says I’m possible.

By both becoming Vegan, gluten free and soya free we have improved our health, we have become well and have seen the benefits of this in many ways. We have cured severe depression. Hema has cured pain in her joints, her  vision and especially night driving vision. I have had improvements in my vision also and dramatic weight loss over 100 lb. and no more tremor!

“Lettuce” do this together! We welcome your stories and input.

Bless you all and many thanks for visiting!

Hema and Mako


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